Artist Group is a Milwaukee based, family owned and operated studio with over 20 years of experience. Dale and Katy started Artist Group in Chicago inspired by some of the top fashion magazine photographers at that time. 

"Our passion for capturing weddings, fashion, decor and food started in Europe where we learned a relaxed, fun and graceful editorial style. We love telling your story in an artistic, candid way using magazine techniques that capture the essence, beauty and timelessness of the day. Weddings are truly amazing events, full of surprising moments that make for priceless memories. Many of the favorite pictures we take, happen when you forget we are even there."

"Our secret is in working closely with each client to create a custom photo timeline to capture all the special moments that happen naturally as you are enjoying the day. Much of the fun is listening to each detail to find out what you are dreaming of, and then creating the plan to make it happen. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to help you create the perfect wedding day."

Their daughter Lilly is the videographer, director and editor. Her eye and concepts for capturing a cinema style story gives Artist Group video its delightful edge. To catch the emotions and feelings of the wedding on video add a whole new dimension to your day, that only becomes more valuable as time passes. Ten or twenty years from now your video will be a treasured heirloom.

"We start our process by listening to our customers. Our dedication to capturing every wedding detail in an artful way is what makes the Artist Group difference. Call, email or text us to discuss all the creative options we have available."